Here it is, we’re towards the end of April and I am looking for Spring. So just where is it anyway? Normally by now in Nebraska, not only has the grass greened up beautifully, but the daffodils, crocus, and tulips are blooming. We usually see the crab and Bradfield pear trees in full bloom, but not this year. That said, we all know spring weather is going to come and then summer will follow quickly on its heels.

With warmer weather eventually coming, a change in our wardrobes is also. Away with the heavy sweaters and jackets! Bring on shorts or Capri pants and lightweight tops!

To accessorize your spring outfits, we have new Charles Garnier bracelets in stock to compliment elbow length, short sleeve, or sleeveless tops. We have fun new sterling silver necklaces in varying lengths that will show well with Spring blouses or tops. And, obviously, you know a new pair of earrings is a must for all seasons matter what the weather will be.

Stop in a see a bit of Spring at Gold Smith Jewelers.