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Clock Repair

When a quartz watch stops, it is usually blamed on the battery. That’s actually the first thing we check, and if it’s dead or dying we can generally replace it while you wait. However, did you know quartz watches also have wheels and gears, and those moving pieces can go bad? They’re called “movements,” and we can repair or replace the movements in quartz watches and clocks to get them running properly.

When a mechanical watch stops, starts gaining and losing time, or begins to function irregularly in any way, it is a sign that the timepiece needs maintenance. This is also true for mechanical clocks. Fortunately, Gold Smith Jewelers can fix your watch or clock.

We also perform minor repairs besides battery replacements, such as crystal replacement, watch band pin replacement, band size adjustments, and more. The professionals at Gold Smith Jewelers will get all your time pieces up and running. That way, you’ll never run out of time again!

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