Normally, most people equate Spring cleaning with deep cleaning your house…washing windows, shampooing carpets, wiping down walls…the whole shebang.

We, of course, think of your jewelry. Surely, many of you are past due on having a thorough cleaning done by a professional jeweler. I’m not talking about having your rings steam cleaned or a giving them a quick dip in an ultrasonic. I mean a thorough cleaning and inspection at Gold Smith Jewelers.

There are several things that happen to dirty jewelry besides a dull and dingy appearance. Have you ever heard of the term ‘jeweler’s smudge?’ That’s the dark mark left on your skin under your rings, chains, or earrings. It is actually your skin reacting to the build up of soap, lotions, or other cosmetics underneath frequently worn jewelry. When that happens, it means it is time to get those pieces professionally cleaned at Gold Smith Jewelers.

Did you know that the build up of dirt and other agents in chain, bracelet, or watch links actually makes them wear out faster? Consistent, professional cleanings at Gold Smith Jewelers is helpful for extending the life of those chains and links.

If you have ever had an issue with contact dermatitis under a ring, then you probably already know that you are reacting to the build up of soap and lotions. After visiting your doctor, your next step should be to get that ring professionally cleaned at Gold Smith Jewelers.

So, why not stop at the mall store and let a clerk steam clean your jewelry for you? At Gold Smith Jewelers, an important part of our Clean and Check process is the inspection we perform to check for worn areas, problem areas, and areas that need to be watched for future repair. This inspection is crucial, especially for older jewelry that has gemstones or links which may have loosened or worn out over time.

For the jewelry you wear daily, we recommend you bring it to us every 2-3 months for cleaning and inspection. We’ll help with at least that aspect of your Spring cleaning!