We have been asked quite frequently at Gold Smith Jewelers for suggestions on what to do with an inherited and/or sentimental ring. Not necessarily to totally remount the stones into a brand new mounting but instead keep enough of the original setting and update it.

One of the things we have been successful in doing is changing the ring into a pendant using as much of the original setting as possible.  Sometimes this means carefully removing key design elements to re-position on the pendant.  Sometimes we use the shank of the ring for the pendant bail. It all comes down to the best use of the materials at hand and what is going to be the most aesthetically pleasing.


In the case of the ring pictured above, the diamond set into the box head was the key to remembering our client’s mother’s engagement ring. That was a good thing, as the rest of the mounting was very thin from years of wear and wasn’t strong enough for us to use. We then took the small diamonds that were in the much worn diamond shaped plates out and reset them in a new pendant bail. The new bail will give our client years of good wear but by keeping the same flavor, the pendant will still remind her of her mother.

This procedure also works with other types of rings as well. We took the top part off of an antique filigree ring that is holding the black onyx stone and did our finishing on the backside of the pendant so it would hang correctly on the chain. In this particular piece, we used part of the beautiful upper shank to make the pendant bail therefore keeping the same antique look. You can tell the age of this piece by the rose cut diamond set in the diamond shaped plate on top of the onyx.

Go take a look into your jewelry box. Is there jewelry in there that you don’t wear anymore and would like to repurpose? Bring it into Gold Smith Jewelers and let us do our magic for you!!